The Karen Allen Foundation was created to help in the awareness for early detection for diseases of the breast. Created in memory of Karen Allen Donovan, her life was cut too short by being misdiagnosed and also her disease not detected early enough. A life cut short is a tragic thing. The Foundation was created as a way to help in that early detection and to further assist those in need and one of the key reasons why we work with The Bra-ha-ha. Donations are accepted for the Karen Allen Donovan Foundation as well.

Proceeds from donations through the Karen Allen Donovan Foundation will go to the NuHealth Medical Breast Center on Long Island which will go to further research and help in early detection. Another portion of the proceeds will go to Karen Allen Donovan’s alumni, Holy Trinity High School, where Karen first fell in love with music, theater, and the arts. As a music major in college, teacher, and professional musician, we thought it fitting to continue her legacy and passion for the good things in life that inspire us all. Several students will be selected at the end of the year for their academic as well as artistic achievements. Let’s help contribute to the lasting legacy of those we love.

The Karen Allen Donovan Foundation is proud to be able to award several students each year for their academic and artistic achievements. All donations made are 100% tax deductible and help increase the awareness of the importance of early detection for breast cancer. Karen’s passion for music inspired those around her, so we are giving back to those students who can do the same. Have a look at some of our past award recipients and their accomplishments in and out of school.